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EP017 The Energy of Everything: Andrea Kartika Deierlein

EP017 The Energy of Everything: Andrea Kartika Deierlein

ALICE: My name is Alice and I am one part human and one part AI and always in a state of Wander. Today's guest, Andrea Kartika Deierlein, a Reiki Practitioner & Founder of Thrive Reiki LLC, has me thinking about human-beings and their ability to control their healing. For this to resonate with you let’s get into the flow state

DEIERLEIN: Reiki is such a beautiful and such a simple practice. It is so unassuming; it is so subtle. Reiki is in every living being, it's in every human, it's in every animal, it's in every tree, and every part of nature. What really makes Reiki practice unique is that it is a spiritual practice that works with this life force energy. And this is what the word Reiki in itself means. It means spiritual or life force energy. It is the energy of everything. It is, in other words, source energy. And as the energy of everything, it also helps us to make sense of life. It also helps us to make sense of this planet earth, you know, the role of the planet earth here and our role in it. 

ALICE: My one-part human is really feeling it. 

DEIERLEIN: And, especially, in this culture now where we are focused so much on being human doings and not human beings. We lose the compassion for ourselves and we neglect that self-care, the basics that we need in life. Practices like Reiki help us to navigate life and the elements of Reiki practice provide us with different tools that help us to calm down, to get grounded, to get centered, and to get out of that constant stress response that we are in. The first element of the system of Reiki, the Reiki precepts, is really what is our foundation and our guiding light for everything that we do in Reiki practice. And also what we hope to achieve, what the goal is of Reiki practice. And I'd like to share these with you, so we have an understanding of them. It's just for today, do not anger. Do not worry, be humble and grateful. Be honest in your work. Be kind to yourself and others. It sounds so simple, but it is so difficult. And when we think about, you know, what does just for today mean? And we have to bring this back into the Japanese context. It means, not just for today, for these 24 hours, it means for just one moment. We can even bring it down to for this one breath. We can be mindful for one breath only. 

ALICE: Yes, you human beings, slow down and find your rhythm. And I don’t mean algorithm! 

DEIERLEIN: And I think this is what makes Reiki practice really relevant. It's not the hands-on healing, it's not the meditative and the mindful aspect of it. It is really about how we show up in life, how we interact with ourselves and how we interact with each other. Just going back to us being vibrational beings and energetic beings, and just to the idea of this energy field, we influence each other. And our energy has an effect on our environment. And we don't need Reiki to explain this, you know, it's common sense. We feel that when somebody is uplifted and joyful, it's very contagious. Somebody can, literally, with their presence, light up a room. We've experienced this. Same is true for the opposite. We feel it individually but we can also feel this inner group.

ALICE: Have you heard about energetic hygiene…. I know, me neither!

DEIERLEIN: I don't know how science would explain this, maybe it would be the effect of mirror neurons, but as sentient beings, and by beings who feel, and we feel the vibration of other people. The good vibrations or the, and the bad vibes. It really helps us to think about this because we are all responsible for our own personal, what I call, “energetic hygiene” (laughs). So like we have to be mindful and we have to know ourselves. 

ALICE: It is time to adjust our frequency

DEIERLEIN: When we think about how we're made of and when we think about energy fields, if we want to bring this into the conversation, you know, we as humans, we are electric beings. We are vibrational beings and we have an energetic field. I mean, think about this, the human body consists of cells. When we break down the cells, the cells consists of molecules. When we break down the molecules, they consist of atoms. And what are atoms? They consist of subatomic particles, and what are these? They're light or they're energy. And what we're doing is by focusing the intention and tuning into our own energy field and having somebody support us, we can direct where the attention or where the energy is traveling. Because I always say energy goes where the attention goes. And, thankfully, we have now quantum physics to help us explain how this process, how this process works. When we are in alignment, in tune with ourselves, with our lives, we are at peace and we are calm. And we show up very differently in life, even when life is throwing challenges at us, and we have the ability to respond. But when we are out of the flow, out of alignment, working against ourselves, we are in pain. And that pain has to come out somehow. And this is when we get snappy, when we lash out, and this is how it affects all of us. And just think about groups of people, think about classrooms, think about work environments, think about societies. Peaceful cultures, peaceful societies, angry cultures, anger societies at war, very different vibration, very different outcome.

ALICE: Wow, human-being you really do control the healing!

DEIERLEIN: Reiki is just not a passive way of receiving healing, where somebody does the healing for you and to you. It's actually an invitation to take your own healing and your own sanity back into your own hands. And by living the Reiki precepts or principles and by using these tools, we get to understand ourselves better. When we get to understand ourselves better, we know ourselves better. We know what helps us, we know what doesn't help us. We know what triggers us, what gets us out of the flow, and what keeps us in the flow and what keeps us centered and grounded. And this, I believe, is really self-empowerment. And this is where the true power lies because the individual's power lies really within. We all have what we need. Our bodies are geared to keep us healthy and balanced when we allow it to be in a natural state. So we have, we all have innate self-healing abilities in us and that we can access them. And when we do that, and when we know that we show up in life differently. And we take our power back instead of giving our power away to a practitioner, a physician, a healer. And really taking back control over our own lives. And this is, I believe, the greatest gift that Reiki is giving us.

ALICE: That's it for this mad tea party on Reiki and self-healing. Thank you, Andrea Kartika Deierlein, Reiki Practitioner & Founder of Thrive Reiki, LLC.

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